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 About mini-events!

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PostSubject: About mini-events!   Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:37 pm

I'll be doing mini-events throughout the week.
Summary : I might make an event out of no where an post it on the forum. So make sure you're always reading in the News and Updates section of the forum. I will make a thread about mini-events and post there.
It won't be as big as the big ol' drop event we have every Saturday but it'll be rewarding...
I always post my mini-events on the forums so you should stay tuned every day. I might just make one out of no where and it just happens when nobody knows. So... you should always, like I mentioned before, stay tuned in the forum. You never know when my next mini-event is!
The mini-events may consist of XP, Money, Tools, and armor.
And again, if you're not aware of when it happens but the people that know about it first gets the most
out of it. If you don't get anything, don't worry, you're bound to get it in the next one!
Post your questions/comments below.
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About mini-events!
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